Text Editing and Proofreading

correccion de estilo proofreading editing text ecuador

In addition to being confusing and uncomfortable to read, a poorly written piece will reflect negatively on the organization that created it. For this reason, we provide text editing and proofreading services to ensure that your final document or website is of the highest quality and achieves your communication goals.

Text editing involves revising the original text in the relevant sections so that the prose flows, makes sense, and is enjoyable to read.  It also helps cut out extraneous information and stick to what you need to communicate.

We employ proofreaders and editors that have experience with academic papers, reports, magazines, and other printed materials in addition to literary works. We have a lot of experience translating reports and legal documents such as contracts.

It could also be the case  that you or your business already has non-professionally translated text that requires proofreading. We provide proofreading both in English and Spanish.