Event services

We provide event planning, meeting planning, and other event services in Ecuador besides interpretation. Contact us if you need audio recording, photography, video recording, streaming, or bilingual administrative assistants.

Audio recording

If you wish to develop a virtual course based on your event or lectures, or if you simply wish to record what was discussed during a meeting, you can record the audio of your event.

We provide top-quality audio recording for events and for the  interpretation we perform. Tell us in advance if you will need these services so that we can include them in the budget and planning of your event.

 Event photography and video in Ecuador

Record what happens in your event, whether it is with for your archive or for promotional ends. We have professional photographers and videographers and HD equipment for different types of coverage, thanks to our partnership with the production company Haiku

Our work can include different levels of video post-production work.

We have various packages, depending on the intent and budget of our clients.