Dubbing and subtitling

Audiovisual products need to reach an ever larger audience. There are two ways in which your promotional, institutional or educational video can reach people who have a different language: dubbing and subtitling.

For both options we are proud to work with Haiku, an experienced production and post-production company in Ecuador.

By combining Ñ’s experience in translation and our partners’ technical expertise we can offer you a top-of-the-line product for international use.


Besides a good translation of the source material, subtitles must fulfill technical standards according to the specific end product and must adjust to time, space and readability constraints.

Along with Haiku and other production companies we have worked in several educational, promotional and corporate videos with institutions like the Museum of Quito, The National Drug Prevention Council, and the American Stem Cell Medical Center, as well as in various shorts and feature length films.

We offer subtitling in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Quichua.



Dubbing is the replacement of the original narration or dialogue of a video with an audio track in another language. Our partners in Catso Estudio have one of the best sound studios in Ecuador and Latin America run by sound engineers with experience in film, television and multimedia.

Dubbing requires a good translation of the original text , a professional narrator with excellent diction and mastery of the language, equipment and technical expertise.

Audiences are particularly sensitive to pronunciation and diction, more so than to voice timbre. Our supervision in this aspect, along with the expertise and resources of Catso Estudio result in clear and correct voiceover with excellent sound quality.

We offer dubbing in Spanish, English, Quichua, French and Portuguese.