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Contact us for professional interpreters  and translation services in Quito, Ecuador, and Latin America.

The best way of getting in touch with us is through email. If you require a text translation, please specify the languages and the number of words to be translated, and, if possible attach at least a sample of your text to give you a precise quote.

If you do call us and we do not answer, it is probably because we are interpreting at an event. If that is the case please leave a voice message with your contact information and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


+593 987790111

+593 999353459

Business hours

Mon – Fri
9am – 5pm



How much does translation cost?

We charge per word, from 6 cents (US) onward. Costs depend on complexity of the material and deadlines.

How do I know You are a reputable service provider?

In the Our Team section of our website you can access our CVs or resumés. We also have recorded testimonials of our satisfied clients. Moreover, in our blog you can find detailed descriptions with photos of several of our assignments .

How do i get in touch with you?

The fastest and most effective way to contact s i via email. If you provide us with the necessary information we can  respond with a quote right away.

With what languages do you work ?

We work mainly with English, French, and Portuguese, but we also work with Quichua, German and Mandarin if request is made sufficiently in advance.

Do you rent OUT interpreting equipment?

No. We have all the equipment necessary for different-sized events, but we do not rent equipment separately from our intepreting services

How much does interpreting cost?

Interpreters’ rates are for a half day or whole day of work. Events lasting more than 2 hours require 2 interpreters taking turns.  Email us to get a quote.

What information do i need to get an interpreting quote?

We need to know the languages required, the dates and work hours and the number of people in the audience. Having this we can calculate interpreters and equipment needed for your event.

Do you work only in Quito, Ecuador?Quito?

We work all over Ecuador and also abroad. We’ve even worked in Europe, the US and Canada.

Do you provide interpreting for videoconferencing?

Yes! We do remote interpreting for teleconferences via  ZOOM, Kudo and other platforms.