If you have an international ZOOM call and need an interpreter for your ZOOM meeting, the application provides you with the option of having a live interpreter translating your meeting in a separate audio channel.

Teleconferencing can be difficult even in your own language some times, but until recently it was very difficult, if not impossible to have a virtual meeting or conference call with an interpreter and several languages.

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With more and more work being done via web due to the pandemic, several applications, the most popular of which is zoom, have included features for international meetings.

If you have a paid ZOOM membership this option is now available for you. All you have to do is assign a person as an interpreter and then you will have different language channels available to your audience according to their needs.

You can find a full set of instructions on how to set up your zoom meeting with interpretation HERE

Here in EÑE Translation Services we provide interpreters for your teleconferences, zoom meetings and work from home sessions via ZOOM or KUDO or any other application you might be using which provides the interpreting option.

Just recently we interpreted a meeting with more than 300 participants, organized by environmental NGOs and the government of Ecuador. Here you can see a screenshot of said zoom call.

We have top-level interpreters with more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

Email us at info@translation.ec or give us a call or send a text at +593 999353459 for information. Let us make your international meeting possible in these times of pandemic.