In one of our first jobs in 2018, EÑE Translation Services provided interpreters for a FAO technical visit that met with representatives of  INEC and other institutions of the Ecuadorian government. It is the second time that we have worked with FAO on interpreting. On January 26, 27 and 28, we participated in several meetings, most of them at the INEC offices. We provided the participants with simultaneous interpretation and interpreting equipment .

Among the topics that were discussed were statistics, geo-location, GIS, satellite photography and others. But mainly there was talk of how to improve the quantity and quality of agricultural data for Ecuador. Although the conversation was quite technical, it was possible to maintain a relaxed atmosphere and an easy conversational flow thanks to the simultaneous interpreting with portable equipment that we provided. Our interpreters roamed the meeting rooms and whispered their interpretation into their portable transmitter so that the participants did not need to use microphones. Thus the customers were able to participate freely and at their own pace in a dynamic of constant questions and answers.

EÑE ​​Translation Services has provided simultaneous interpreting for many technical workshops since its inception in 2012. For experienced and expert interpreters with  proper simultaneous interpreting equipment, contact EÑE Translation Services at