Marcelo Kohn is one of the founding partners of Ñ Translation Services. He is a translator and interpreter with more than 17 years of experience as conference in seminars and events of the highest level and as translator of technical texts for multiple companies and NGOs
He lived and studied high school in Alaska, USA, for six years. He traveled through Europe and then lived in New York for 2 years.
Marcelo Kohn is a very active interpreter in the Ecuadorian scene. He works more than 100 days of interpretation per year for for clients such as:

  • United States Embassy in Ecuador
  • UNDP
  • UN Habitat III
  • Ecuadorian Ministry of Economic Policy,
  • Ecuadorian Ministry of Culture,
Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs-European Union,
  • Petroamazonas,
  • Schulmberger
  • Politechnic University of Ecuador
  • World Vision,
  • 3M
  • Ecuadorian Air Force
  • USFQ,
  • UASB,
  • OTCA,
ECU 911,
  • OLADE,
  • CFN,
  • IKIAM,
Civil Aviation Directorate
  • Ministry of the Environment,
  • Nowegian Cooperation Agency,
  • Ecuadorian Ministry of Security,
  • UNASUR: Union of South American Nations,
  • Inter-American Development Bank – IDB,
  • HIAS


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DOWNLOAD CV: Marcelo Kohn translator and interpreter in Quito Ecuador