It can be a daunting enterprise to organize an event in a foreign country you know little about. Even if you are familiar with Ecuador, it is difficult to set up an event at a distance. It gets even more complicated if your event requires interpretation. A bad interpreter can ruin your conference, or workshop. Here are some tips for making sure you choose the right interpreter for your event in Ecuador.

Compare interpreters and translation agencies online

Nowadays most international business is conducted via web, at least at the beginning. Dedicate some serious time to comparing interpreters’ websites and online profiles. A professionally made and well maintained website says a lot about the professionalism of an agency or an interpreter. Chances are, an interpreter who last updated their website two years ago is not that attentive to detail or not that interested in taking his or her business to the international level. A good website should include ample information on past experience and the personal profiles of the interpreters. Hopefully a website with real photographs will give you more confidence than an interpretation website that only uses stock photos. An interpreter with experience will not be shy in showcasing pictures that prove their experience.

Try not to use generic listings such as yellow pages or classifieds websites offering results on “interpreters in Ecuador”, go to the actual websites of the people or agencies offering their services.

Consider hiring interpreters directly

Translation Agencies and Interpretation Agencies usually charge an overhead for finding you interpreters, and truth be told , most agencies will select the interpreter for your event based mostly on availability and cheaper fees. Why not contact interpreters directly? You will get to know the actual person who will work on your event and you won’t be charged an agency fee or overhead. The BEST way to make sure you have a good interpreter in your event in Ecuador is to skip agencies and go directly to the interpreters.

Look at LinkedIn or other professional profiles

intérpretes quito ecuador interpreters

Finding an interpreter online is a good first step. But it is a great sign if you can find other online references of the interpreter in sites such as LinedIn or Proz or  Sometimes these profiles are not as easy to find, so pick a possible interpreter or agency and search by name to see if they have further online presence. This is a great way to confirm an interpreters experience and see their dedication to having a good online presence.

Search for images of the interpreters you have in mind

Every time you do a search relating to your interpretation needs, quickly check on the IMAGE part of the search. You can see who appears the most and it might be a good hint of who gets more work/coverage online.  You might stumble into news articles referring to a certain interpreter or interpretation agency. If there are no images of the interpreter in question, chances are they are amateurs or people with little experience.

Look for testimonials about your prospective interpreters

Why not let those who have come before you do the work for you? Find testimonials of clients with good experiences in interpretation in Ecuador. An agency or interpreter who is proud of their good work would have made sure to record at least one testimonial or to have testimonials written down on their website.

Don’t hesitate to make a phone call

After you have narrowed your decision to a couple of options why not give them a call. You will get a clear feeling of the attitude and personality of the interpreter and maybe a good idea of their mastery of English or other languages.

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