On June 3, 2017 EÑE Translation Services provided the real time translation (interpretation) for 2 events related to the launch of the Zija brand for Ecuador and South America.

We were contacted by the Latin American directors of the Zija brand from abroad through our website. We had already worked on a pre-release event a few months earlier at the Hilton Colon Quito Hotel. For that initial event,  Zija made sure to confirm that Ñ Translation Services offered the highest quality in interpretation in Quito. So as we already had a relationship with the brand, we were automatically selected for these two major launch events.

The first event occurred in the morning at the Crystal Palace of Itchimbia Park in the city of Quito. It was a conference for distributors of Zija products who were ready to work. It was attended by several foreign speakers who spoke in English, including the President and CEO of Zija International.

The second event occurred at night and was open to distributors and guests and was the official launch of Zija products in Latin America. The event was attended by 1500 people. For this we prepared 2000 receivers for real time interpretation, an interpreter’s booth and of course our two interpreters: Marcelo and Jaime. The real time interpreting equipment we used was infrared (IR) technology. We also had tech specialists present throughout the event and attachés for the distribution of equipment.

Here the translation booth installed and behind the distribution of infrared receivers

interpreters ecuador traduccion simultanea

Here a photo of the real time interpreting receivers:

traduccion simultanea ecuador interpreters

Here a photo of the distribution of the translation equipment with the attaches in charge of handling.

traduccion simultanea interpreters ecuador

Here you can see one of our interpreters in the booth.

traductor simultaneo Quito Ecuador interpreter

For large-scale events with large audiences that require the highest standards of interpreting and translation in Ecuador or South America, hire EÑE Translation Services just like large geat international brands like Zija do. You can contact us on our website www.quitotranslation.com or at our email info@translation.ec