One of the nicest experiences in July of 2016 was to work as an escort interpreter with a group of the TOMS Shoes company who visited Quito, Ecuador. TOMS is an American company that sells shoes and other products like backpacks and even coffee. But what sets TOMS apart is that it is a giving company. That means, for every pair of shoes that you buy in TOMS, the company delivers the same type of shoe (or better) to children in need in more than 70 countries around the world.

It is also a part of their policy and corporate culture, to travel with groups of employees to the places where TOMS’ donations are delivered. The employees are eligible for travel after one year of working for TOMS, and can later travel again every 3 years. In Ecuador TOMS works with Children International to help manage its donations.

During the trip, the group was able to see a little of Quito, they saw the work that Children International does in Ecuador and were also able to personally deliver shoes to the beneficiaries. An interpreter from Ñ Translation Services accompanied the group during 4 days, helping them communicate through consecutive interpretation and helping them understand the various lectures and presentations they attended. Our translation helped TOMS employees interact with children and adults that benefit from TOMS’ and Children International’s programs.

For the best and most personable interpreters and translators in Ecuador, look no further than Ñ Translation Services.