On may 23 and may 24, 2016 our interpreters worked on simultaneous interpretation of an important meeting between CDKN (Climate and Development Knowledge Network) and Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano.

Members of both institutions from several countries in Latin America and the UK participated in this workshop. The meeting had the double goal of informing both parts and discussing internal processes of both NGOs and their joint projects.

intérpretes traduccion simultanea ecuador
interpreters meetings Quito

The meeting took place in San José de Puembo, a country hotel near Quito, Ecuador. Amidst a relaxed country environment, the participants were able to work easily and communicate fluently thanks to the work of the interpreters of Ñ Translation Services. Since the meetings were rather a small and private affair, we used portable interpretation equipment. While the conversations and lectures were taking place, our interpreters did the simultaneous interpreting and this was broadcast to the headsets of the audience in real time. In this manner, the conversation flowed uninterrupted. We also interpreted a few international conference calls.

Among the participants was the Global Deputy CEO of CDKN, who was very happy with out work and graciously recorded this testimonial for us:

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