From the 22 to the 24 of September of 2015, Ñ Translation Services worked again for CDKN (Climate Development Knowledge Network), This time through Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano, in a workshop at the Mercure Hotel in Quito, Ecuador. While before we had participated in an international conference about climate change compatible cities, this time we participated in a gender workshop for representatives from several countries. We had participants from several countries in Latin America and from the UK.

The workshop sought to explore several gender issues in order to include a gender approach in the projects CDKN executes in the countries where it operates. It was a very participatory workshop and it included practical exercises like role playing and games.

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The whole work week occurred in a cheerful and relaxed environment. For us, it was a very enjoyable and interesting experience.

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We provided simultaneous interpretation with portable interpretation equipment so we would not interrupt the workshop’s activities and flow. With more complex equipment like an interpretation booth we would have required that whomever spoke used a microphone and that would have been cumbersome. We simply listened to the conversations directly and whispered our interpretation through our portable transmitter and whoever needed lo listen to us could do so through their Ñ Translation receivers.

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