From May 6 to May 8 of 2013, EÑE Translation Services provided the interpretation service (known as simultaneous translation) for the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in an event that took place at Swissotel in Quito: The Latin American Forum on Notable Instruments of Urban Intervention .

The event took place at Swissotel and featured keynote presentations in the main hall which then divided into a course of 2 days of presentations in 4 different rooms. Here participants were able to hear presentations on case studies and specific topics of interest.
Given the educational vocation of the institute, it was in the interest of the customer to record these presentations in the 4 rooms to create Internet-accessible virtual courses and to distribute the audios through other channels. This required that the audio be recorded with optimal quality so that it could later be edited and published.

traduccion simultanea ecuador quito interpreters

Ñ Translation Services, in addition to providing interpretation, also provided the audio recording service in these thematic conferences. Each room was assigned a sound technician and a digital recording system connected to the sound mixer. Thus all the interventions using the microphones provided by the hotel would be recorded for posterity. The technician was needed to monitor and control (volume) recording levels, batteries, and to control sound quality and troubleshoot.
The lectures and discussions were recorded into digital files and delivered to the customer unedited in USB sticks.
According to your event and your intention we can record audio with different types of equipment and level of sophistication ranging from simple un-monitored recorder for archiving, to complete systems with microphones and technicians for other purposes.

EÑE Translation Services also provides video recording service and professional photographers for events in Quito, Ecuador.